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GL503VS Memory Upgrade reduces Bus Speed

Hello All,I just picked up the GL503VS-DH74 Scar Edition. I also picked up some Patriot 16GB DDR4 sodimm to upgrade the single channel memory, to dual channel. Unfortunately, I noticed the buss speed dropped to 2133MHz?! I've looked through the bios ...

NorySS by Level 7
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Strix 503 Laptop's Desktop Freezing (started today)

Hey allToday my laptop (ROG Strix 503) was turned on as one does and it did something strange that never happened before (2months old).So basically when i loaded windows and got to the desktop it was fine.So i proceeded to open up a folder which went...

GL552VX Can't install or boot Linux

I have a GL552VX DM261T running windows 10 and I need to dual boot linux on it. I had made a live USB of ubuntu 16.04 LTS and booted my system from the pen drive. The boot menu appears just fine but ubuntu just won't boot up, neither when I'm trying ...

GL702VMK - 13 months dead battery (maybe not)

So my GL702VMK has a few times over the last 3 months started reporting the incorrect amount of battery life remaining. When this would happen, the battery LED would also start blinking orange. I found a thread where somebody said to hold the power b...

StarJack by Level 11
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GL703VM Keyboard stops responding

Sometimes when playing games on my Laptop the keyboard stops responding. It doesn't seem to be specific to any particular game, as it's happened in Overwatch, PUBG, and Fallout 4. When it does happen, it behaves as though the last key pressed is stil...

Asus ROG Strix GL503 with Slow SDD??

Hello,I'm owner of a Asus ROG G702VM and I'm looking for a second computer cause I live in two different places.I'm interested in the Asus ROG Strix GL503 for the price and performance. Anyway, I read bad reviews on internet about it, especially on...

GL502VS-DB71 GPU fan problem

I've been having a problem with my GPUs fan, even on idle it spins like I'm playing a high load game. My GPU temp is about 40-50 on idle, and I've tried using the 3D setting trick and the reset to default setting trick on BIOS. Third party software d...

GL553VD completely dead, DONT BUY FROM EBAY.

Laptop was under warranty until April 12th of this year. It died April 10th. I called the customer service and they advised me to try a new charger before sending it in for repairs. Customer rep never mentioned my warranty was about to expire.Purchas...

GL503VMF -- audio pops from speakers?

I have a fairly new GL503VMF (the one from Bestbuy for $1300 with Gsync 120Hz display). Not 502, but the new 503 series.I like it very much so far, but one issue I haven't been able to fix is that I get occasional audio pops from the speakers. I do N...