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GL703 VM Left Fan Not Working

I have had my GL703VM (ROG STRIX Scar Edition) for about two months and the left fan has been working on and off ever since I got it. Has anyone had this issue? I have tried doing an advance startup and restoring my UEFI Settings back to original. I ...

ROG Strix GL703VD Questions

Hi everyone,I recently bought a ROG Strix GL703VD which is like my first laptop upgrade in 7 years and have some questions about it.Firstly, how do you clean the fan when it gets dirty? The fan on this model isn't easily as accessible as older lapto...

Feedback for GL553VD BIOS 304 ?

Hi everyone!Just noticed that there is the BIOS 304 update for GL553VD by 2017/11/29. If anyone installed it, did you notice any changes? And most of all, does it affect FanBoost functionality? I worry if it could bring this shutdown problem back.Als...

ROG STRIX Scar Fan Help

Hello,I have had my GL703VM for about two months now and for some reason the left fan is not working properly, as in it is not working at all. It has been intermittent but has not been working for quite a while now. I tried resetting UEFI back to ori...

Wrong Windows 10 Battery Estimate on GL502VM

Hi all,I usually use the laptop with the power adapter plugged in so i just noticed this problem. The laptop is on Windows 10 Home 1709 16299.248, 6th Gen Intel. Recently when using the laptop just on its battery i noticed that it suddenly powered do...

GL553VD arm hinge issue

Hi,When i move the screen slowly ,it make weird crack noise watch the video :Any one faced this problem before?or have any idea about the problem?Thanks