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GL753VD Issues with the touchpad

Hi, just purchased this laptop a month ago and hopefully someone knows if there's a solution to this...My problem, is that the touchpad stops working randomly for a brief moment, like 3-5 seconds, getting very jumpy and unresponsive. It happens quite...

Can't Find Bios Update GL702ZC

Hi yesterday y buy my GL702ZC-GC196T , i would like to update the bios but i cant find the model on the asus page i only found the model thats bring the ryzen 7 serie ... i would like to know if the bios is the same that my model ?

GL503VS Can't install ROG GameVisual

Hi there,Yesterday I bought this laptop and performed a reset or fresh start from Windows and now I can't install the ROG GameVisual, I'm experiencing the same issue explained in this post >>

zenmoon by Level 7
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Asus Rog GL703VD worst laptop on the planet. Serious problems.

First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm italian and i know English very badly.At the end of january, i bought this (NEW) pc from a store near my city. I waited a week for the pc to be sent to the store, then i took it and brought at home. i paide...

festano by Level 7
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GPU Memory Frequency constantly maxed out and other issue

After a few NVidia and windows update, I noticed that my fans are working harder on idle mode. So I was checking out the ROG Gaming center and I noticed that my GPU Frequency is always maxed out. I checked activity in task manager but it seems idle m...


problems GL702! - hard time waking up from sleep/restarts

hi guys, I have the above laptop, its the 6700 with 16 gb of ram and 6 gb 1060, I really like it, despite getting quite hot (did the throttling bios fix, works much better now) but since Ive had it, sometimes I have a hard time waking it up from slee...

timoat by Level 7
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GL502VS - Dies when unplugged

Recently my Asus GL502VS dies whenever unplugged. The battery shows as charging but is always stuck at a certain amount. The battery light also flashes when the laptop is off. Without the cable the laptop will not start.I've tried1. Reinstalling batt...

I am not too sure whats wrong with it.

The latest windows update decided to kinda break my ROG, it seems to be running at a much downgraded level and the bios is idk pretty messed up, I feel like my ssd is no longer where its storing windows files, I have my laptop hooked up with an ether...

daTBoe by Level 7
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