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GL503vs power plug

Hello everybody I need 2 more power adapters for my laptop. I have 4 other power adapters with the same amp and voltage. Could anyone tell me if I can buy the plug and from where?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

ealessa by Level 7
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GL702VMK WIN10 PRO - Laptop keeps freezing

Hi,My laptop (bought in November 2017) keeps freezing (hard crash) randomly and the only way to recover is rebooting with power button. Any ideas why this is happening?It's running Windows 10 Professional with Fall Creators update.Many Thanks

GL502VS Space Bar Issues

Hey Folks,I can't seem to do anything about the horrid space bar. The space bar often does not register, and it seems that there is no sweet spot (at least not in a place my thumbs naturally reach). I recall reading a bit about this in some reddit ...

Gl702VM disk runnig at 100%

Bought a new GL702VM running windows 10 64bit. Processor intel 7700HQTheres no SSD, only a 1TB SATA HDDHave been experiencing lots of slowness even with no programs running. Noticed that disk space was 99-100 with no active programsHave looked for so...

GL553VD - ways of controling fan throttle

Greetings my asus friends.i'm hereby to ask help and ways of better controlling the fan on my GL553VD. i5 - 7300 HQ. bios 305, gtx 1050 with driver knew b4 hand that this laptop isn't the brightest lamp of the house when it touch to co...

Need advice. Is it SSD or something worse? (GL 702VM)

Approximately six months ago, I received a GL 702VM as a birthday present. The laptop seemed somewhat slow with the old hard drive, but -- after I installed an SSD and made the old hard drive a secondary drive -- the machine seemed *much* better. But...

Gl502vm screws

Hello rog community I need to ask where do I get the holder and it's screw in number 1 marking so I can use it in the cpu cooler in number 2 cuz it's missed here by my repasting prossissing model gl502vm 7th genThanks in advance

[GL502VM] [GL502VMK] Fan noise and throttling solution

Keywords:gl502, vmk, kaby, lake, skylake, gtx, 1060, high, noise, fan, heat, throttling, voltage, cpu, gpu, powerHello,Immediately, after booting my new, out-of-the-box, Asus GL502VMK I noticed two things wrong with it:- Design: The screen, as I open...

hitardo by Level 7
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