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BIOS LAG on GL703GS, Unable to update the BIOS.

I own a GL703GS-DS74 laptop.Problem: When I press F2 while starting my laptop, the UEFI BIOS screen appears only after 40-60 seconds. After entering the UEFI mode, the mouse pointer does not move and when I press on any arrow key on my...

GL702ZC completely died last night

Hey guys... my GL702ZC died last night.I was doing some light work on it (browsing and watching a video in Potplayer).. so the system wasn't stressed.Suddenly, the fans started spinning at 100%.I tried shutting the system down and turning it back on....

GL503VS Fan Overboost not working

I have recently reinstalled a clean copy of Windows, and now I have noticed that Fan Overboost isn't working.- Game Center is installed.- All the drivers on the product's Drivers & Software page are installed.- ASUS won't help me, apparently they don...

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GL553VD Bios 307 feedback, Spectre/Meltdown ?

Hi! i have GL553VD, but i think this general thread applies to every model with this new bios.i'm just asking some feedback of noticeable changes in this new update.does this bios solve Spectre/Meltdown problems? anything related?happy august.

GL553VD support for Intel Optane

Hi everyone!!!I have this qestion regarding my ROG GL553vd and the compatibility with Intel Optane. I've been reading a lot and the hardware is compatible (7th gen CPU, chipset HM175 mobile, UEFI BIOS, M.2 port, etc) but the BIOS doesn't support othe...