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Problems Reinstalling Win10 on a GL502VT

Exactly what is the secret driver formula required to get Win10 reinstalled on a GL502VT (970M) Strix laptop?Using the Win10 installation media creator (from this week) works for getting the thing basically running, but the only GPU that appears to b...

Dagmar by Level 7
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Notebook GL503VM;ASUS/ Keyboard Stops working

Hi its Kevin, my notebook, when working on it for any reason the keyboard just stops working, I have reinstalling the most new keyboards drivers and everything to fix it, but it does not solve the problem. When this problem occur I just press the pow...

kugarte by Level 7
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Asus GL703GE BIOS update [bricked]

Hello, I was running my windows 10 updates and saw bios update 310. Upon bios update finishing, the laptop would turn on with keyboard lighting up but the screen is black. I've tried everything under the sun.I don't want to RMA it as I just had to go...

gl703 vm long cold boot

first sorry for my english... i bought a gl703vm 2 weeks ago and cold bbot is really long, i mean 1 minute of black screen, then 30 seconds of rog logo, then "a7 fw domwngrade request me spylock failed" then 30 seconds of black screen then sometimes ...

GL703VM in SSD area makes noise when idle ?

My laptop is GL703VM. So, today i just got an ssd (m.2 pci nvme) Samsung 970 evo, if it matters. I installed the os on it and kept on adding programs to it. Everything feels really smooth, but at some point, when the fans weren't active, i started he...

Am I harming my GL502VS laptop by plugging in so many devices?

Hi everyone,i have a GL502VS-GZ223T and i use it with Oculus Rift and 3 sensors, G910 gaming keyboard and mouse along with a RoG Sitrix wireless headset. Since added a PG278QR to the pile i had wlan problems like disconnecting at every 1 minute even...

Ulthos by Level 8
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