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ROG GL502VM Touchpad audiable clunk noise

Hi, I just bought my new Strix model off newegg.There seems to be a loose touchpad because of the noise very much like this video this normal for this kind of laptop touchpad? or should I return this ASAP...

Josh348 by Level 7
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gl702zc with LG ips 21:9 monitor problem

Hello.I found gl702zc does not work well with LG 21:9 monitorI have 29um57 and when I link with HDMI, monitor doesn t work or screen glitiches. Monitor works well with other NVIDIA gpu, as I used it for over 2yrs.I bought 29um58e monitor recently as ...

Usb port stopped wokring

Hello everyone, today when I was using my computer, I left for a second and when I came back, the USB where my mouse was plugged in isn't responding anymore. I feel it really weird especially I didn't do anything and it stopped working. When I plug ...

stanz by Level 7
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what type of screwdriver do I need to open GL502vs?

It's been heating up like crazy: <== this is just with browser open up and a few apps opened, I think the inside is dusted and needs to be cleaned. What model screw driver do I need to unscrew the buttom, please give me the ...

[GL502VS] stability issues

after the meltdown update my laptop have stability problems like items disappear after i play a game or no items in the system tray...i've seen that in the update from asus only GL502VSK not the GL502VS is covered; please don't let me out of the upda...

Replace Motherboard? GL552JX to GL552VW?

I have GL552JX which already 2 years and 3 month old, and after playing with it including vbios mod, it still runs fine but every windows boot there are WHEA information (not error) ID 5 in event logs, usually it isn't. So after searching few thing I...

maszter by Level 7
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GL702VMK battery LED flashing intermittently orange

So I noticed my Laptop (GL702VMK) battery LED was flashing intermittently orange and not a solid green like it normally is. It was reporting 94% battery and "not charging". I unplugged it and fired up a game to try to drain some more juice and see if...

StarJack by Level 11
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