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Disable GL502VM Turbo Boost

Hi there,So I've been researching a LOT about how to lower the temps of my GL502VM laptop. After trying different cooling pads, undervolting, changing the profile of my GPU on afterburner. Which worked in many games (PUBG or Fallout 4 don't rise the ...

pepilo by Level 7
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ROG GL753VE Problems

Hy guysFirst of all im sorry if i`m in the wrong place im new here, ok so a few month ago i bought this laptop when i installed win 10 i saw that my disk usage stay 100% even with 20 MB, time come to reinstall windows now i got a lot more problems s...

trompa by Level 7
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Temperaturas portatil Gl703GS

Hola buenas, me acabo de comprar este portatil GL703GS modelo con la GTX 1070 y ssd 256 gb.Le hice undervolt a la cpu -150 y totalmente estable.Subo una captura que hice despues de jugar 4 horas al playerunknown's battlegrounds (PUGB).Mi preocupacion...

Brand new GL703GS laptop Freezing,Blue screens only when gaming

Hi Few days ago i got my GL703GS i7 8750 gtx 1070 16gb ram. I update windows ,drivers and bios. First i try to play Just cause 3. After 10min of playing i got blue screen and laptop immediately restart.I try Call of duty black op 4 and after 10-15min...

Zygisss by Level 7
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ROG GL703GM Aura Music and Smart not working

Hi,So I installed all the necessary drivers and applications and the Music and Smart effects are not working, although all the other settings are working.Anyone have any idea?Thank you,Andrei

ASUS GL552VW not working with my Blue Microphone

GreetingsI have had my ASUS GL552VW for a little over two years now and it has functioned well during this time for what it was used for, however I recently purchased the Yeti BLUE USB microphone. The microphone works perfectly with my desktop PC and...

GL703 GM - Keyboard RGB still doesnt work

Hello. I bought GL703GM about two months ago. After updating AURA Core my keyboard lighting stopped working. I tried EVERYTHING I found on the internet. I just want old version of working Aura Core working in gaming center. I cant even run Gaming Cen...

RauruS by Level 7
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GL702ZC undervolt of Ryzen 1700 and RX 580

Hello everyone...I just wanted to share some interesting undervolting results I got on my GL702ZC (Ryzen 1700) and RX 580.I was able to undervolt the CPU using the Ryzen Master utility for Threadripper (For some reason, the one for regular Ryzen does...