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ASUS ROG GL703VM (Scar Edition) 2nd drive upgrade

Hi,I wish to replace default 2nd drive HDD 1TB in my laptop: ASUS ROG GL703VM (Scar Edition).Would you please have ASUS engineer to confirm which 1TB SSD is compatible from these two? Or if none of these two, what part numbers are?WDS100T1B0B https:/...

Does the ROG GL702VS supports 15mm 2.5 Hard drives?

I upgraded the 1TB to 2TB when i bought it and now i want to upgrade it to the seagate barracuda 4TB and those HD are 15mm compared to 7mm. They still fall under 2.5 laptop size.Does this laptop GL702VS supports it? I better hope so!Thanks in advnace...

mety333 by Level 7
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BIOS LAG on GL703GS, Unable to update the BIOS.

I own a GL703GS-DS74 laptop.Problem: When I press F2 while starting my laptop, the UEFI BIOS screen appears only after 40-60 seconds. After entering the UEFI mode, the mouse pointer does not move and when I press on any arrow key on my...

GL702ZC completely died last night

Hey guys... my GL702ZC died last night.I was doing some light work on it (browsing and watching a video in Potplayer).. so the system wasn't stressed.Suddenly, the fans started spinning at 100%.I tried shutting the system down and turning it back on....

GL503VS Fan Overboost not working

I have recently reinstalled a clean copy of Windows, and now I have noticed that Fan Overboost isn't working.- Game Center is installed.- All the drivers on the product's Drivers & Software page are installed.- ASUS won't help me, apparently they don...

waduhek by Level 7
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GL553VD Bios 307 feedback, Spectre/Meltdown ?

Hi! i have GL553VD, but i think this general thread applies to every model with this new bios.i'm just asking some feedback of noticeable changes in this new update.does this bios solve Spectre/Meltdown problems? anything related?happy august.

GL553VD support for Intel Optane

Hi everyone!!!I have this qestion regarding my ROG GL553vd and the compatibility with Intel Optane. I've been reading a lot and the hardware is compatible (7th gen CPU, chipset HM175 mobile, UEFI BIOS, M.2 port, etc) but the BIOS doesn't support othe...