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64 GB RAM upgrade suggestions

Just bought a Strix Scar 16 (2024) and was wanting to upgrade the RAM to 64Gbs. Just hoping someone could point me in the right direction on a good option. Looking to spen around $200ish or less.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Resolved! Asus G18 shuts down when doing heavy processing or gaming

See my signature for specs. Running BIOS 321. Windows 10, 64 bit. When I am processing something heavy, such as rendering a video for a while, or using a picture editing software and an AI feature in there, my laptop shuts down instantly. No message,...

Rammouz by Level 10
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ROG STRIX G15 AE Turbo Mode Issues

Hi everyone!So I'm aware that Turbo Mode should be completely usable on the AE, however everytime I try to use it my temps run into the mid 90's on my CPU and after about 3 minutes the entire computer shuts off. I can't even run a full benchmark on T...

monon by Level 7
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Low volume on right speaker

Hi, I owned a zephyrus duo gx551QR laptop for about a year or so, and I started to notice that sound from my laptop only came from the left speaker under the second screen (as it should be, because the speakers for the zephyrus duo series are located...

Rog strix g513rm long boot up

Rog Strix g513rm Ryzen 7 6800HGeForce RTX 3060 RAM - 16 GB Windows 11I bought the laptop less than a year ago from an official ASUS representative.Problems started to appear after 2 months of use. The keyboard lights up when booting up, but the scree...

I have Rog Strix G634JZ having a sound issue

Does anyone get buzzing sound time to time with this laptop? All the drivers are up to date. Firmware is up to date as well. I still have warranty left. Should I get RMA?buzzing sound happens when I watch youtube, netflix, gaming. It happens very ran...

yadde by Level 7
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