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Problem FPS Drop with Asus GL703VM-BA015T

I bought the GL703VM-BA015T for a month.The PC works perfectly and I do not have any problems with the games.Unfortunately, playing I encountered a fairly serious problem. With Need for Speed ​​Payback or Forza Horizon 3, for the first 4/5 minutes th...

GL503VS Scar Edition - Bad Battery, or?

Even after enabling all battery saving options, turning off RGB on the keyboard, and dimming the screen all the way down, I only get a little over an hour of battery life(non gaming) .I've had this laptop for a little over a month now and I don't kno...

ROG GL752V Battery Problems

Hey all,Got a serious battery problem here, and after browsing the internet and forums for hours, I'm pretty certain that my laptop isn't recognising that there is a battery inside itself.The problems I'm experiencing are:My laptop doesn't turn on wi...

GL702VS Can't change fan speed instantly

I am using ASUS ROG Gaming Center and i cant change my fan speed instantly. Is there any way to change my fan speed quicker? I want to be able to set it to max and then %20 without any waiting.

Problems with GL553VD brightness

Hi, I have a GL553VD. On 07/09/2018 they gave me the support for a problem on the screen "backlight bleed" their solution was to change the screen and it was indeed correct, but it turns out that when I'm on Facebook or Google the saturation, brightn...

GL553VD Laptop freezing.. overheating issues

So I bought my laptop around a March of 2017 around a year later my battery and motherboard completely died (probably from overheating) so I sent it in this July on the 31st.. I finally got my laptop back and got the motherboard and battery replaced....

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GL702VI input hangs/unresponsive

Hi everyone, I bought my GL702VI-WB74, Windows 10, 16gb ram, NVidia gtx 1080, 256gb nvme ssd, and 1tb hdd, back in Feb of this year and it has performed so well I do not miss my old desktop. I use a Logitech g502 proteus plugged into the left side us...

New Asus GL503GE Strix Scar Edition Portuguese

bought a GL503ge and the storage came like this a Hitachi Hdd 7200rpm no sshd like Asus says and a micron 256gb m.2 sata 3, in Asus they said this models came everytime with 1tb SSHD with 8GB firecuda seagate and a NVIE m.2 ssd Samsung or Kingston wi...