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Asus GL503GE and gladius II mouse aura compatible ?

Asus confirm that Asus Gl503Ge scar editions and gladius II mouse aura compatible, are not possible to aura sync colour in the laptop and mouse at the same time as it been published by Asus in their own site that GL503Ge and Gladius II could be Aura...

ASUS GL503VS Problem with Screen on first boot over night

Prolem description:Over night when my laptop is shut down (not sleeping) first time i boot up, the screen is permanently black (black lights up but no graphics), Windows loads fine, keyboard lights come on and everything seams fine except the screen ...

stsa85 by Level 7
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GL702VS GTX1070 Undervolting for Performance

So I understand a little better how the MSI Afterburner app works, however please correct me if you see bad info. So far I've been using the 10minute 3DMark Time Spy stress test to check for stability. (if someone can recommend something better I'm a...

FastM by Level 8
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Noob question; cpu ghz at idle

High performance power plan, minimum processor state set at 5%. Task manager shows CPU at 1% utilization, GHz at full 3.9. is this normal?On balance power plan CPU idle GHz at 2.0. Go to taskbar click battery icon move slider to performance; at idle ...

tap002 by Level 9
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ASUS GL703GS -> When will ASUS release a working VGA driver?

Hi all!I have purchased yesterday this beast. It is equipped with a GTX 1070 and the latest 3 ms 144 Hz screen developed by AUO and ASUS. The problem is however that ASUS forgot to tell about this to Nvidia so currently there is no driver available f...

Tindreal by Level 7
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GL703GM USB Goes in and out

Hello everyone,Just recently got a GL703GM, and the USB keeps going in and out. I already tried setting so the power to USBs never go off.Anyone experienced this or know how to fix?Thank you in advanced.

New GL703VD freezing constantly

Hey, I'm a new ASUS ROG member who just bought an ROG GL703VD around 2 days ago. Right from the start, I found that it was really laggy, so I let all the drivers update and everything and it was a bit better. But now that everything is updated, I don...

jaimit by Level 7
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