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Gl553VD temperature and baterry problems

hello, I bought my gl553vd 4 months ago and the notebook temperature reaches up to 85c° in the cpu even up to 89c and the gpu only reaches 75c° at the maximum, this happens to me playing heroes of storm, I wanted to know if that temperature is norma...

GL703VM problem with fan loudness/noise

Hello everyone. Last week i bought my first gaming laptop - Asus Rog Strix Scar GL703VM. Laptop is very good, i run all the game in High/Ultra in 50/more FPS. But its problem with it loudness. I try to undervolt CPU/GPU with guide for GL702VM i found...

Question: Fan speed manual settings? GL503VS

Hi guys,Bought the above laptop yesterday, and set the fan speed to manual in the ROG Game center (or how you call it), but then I don't see the actual manual setup, where can I change the fan speed based? I would like to set up % based speed based o...

_H0PE_ by Level 7
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Asus ROG GL551JM going into sleep mode randomly

Hi, I need a little help with my pc. Recently I have been having a problem with my computer going into sleep mode randomly even if I'm using it at the moment it happens. Sometimes it happens once I turn it on and it doesn't happen anymore for a few h...

Ulfarr by Level 7
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Asus Rog Strix, battery and temps questions

Hi everyone, i've got some questions about battery and CPU temperatures of my Strix ( GL503V ).1) considering is a gaming laptop and i use it a lot play like 3/4 maybe 5 hours a day and so it has always charger plugged in, i'm worryed about...

GTX 1070 laptops in 15.6" missing?

Is the 502 series with the gtx 1070 series out of stock or pulled from stock?I noticed that the only laptops to carry the GTX 1070 are the 752 or 702 per the ASUS product page. I still haven't heard from the Support forum yet after two weeks about my...

[GL502VSK] Bios Update for Spectre/Meltdown

Hi,I wanted to know, if there will be a Bios Update for the GL502 to get rid of Spectre/Meltdown.My Dell and Lenovo Notebooks (even 4 year old ones) got Updates two weeks ago. Please let me know.Best regardsAndreas

Andidi by Level 7
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