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Unable to configure SSD as boot device GL553

Hello there. (LAPTOP ASUS GL553 VW)On my HD I have two partitions, one for the OS and another one for data. I purchased a new SSD, installed it, used an application (Macrium Reflect) to CLONE the OS partition into the SSD... Now the SSD shows on my...

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GL703GM questions from a new owner

Hi guys,I just got the GL703GM laptop after having a MSI laptop before.Just got a couple of questionsThe fans are on balanced atm and randomly they go on and off all day. The computer isn't hot or anything. It will be either one or two fans that come...

Siren by Level 7
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Max number of monitors that can hookup to a GL752VL

What's the maximum number of external monitors that can be connected to a GL752VL with the following ports:Mini-DisplayPortHDMI PortUSB 3.1 Type-C USB 3.0USB 2.0USB 2.0Has anyone tried this before? How was your experience?

ASUS ROG Display Flicker, Discoloring, etc

Hello. I recently purchased an ASUS ROG G703GS-WS71. In addition to multiple other problems I won't get into here, there's now pretty terrible flickering, pixelization and discoloration occurring with the display. To an unusable degree.This happens r...

Problems touchpad and some drivers...

Hi guys I recently bough my new GL703GM, and at the begging no way to make the wifi work, I had to conected trough rj45 and update windows, anyway.My problem is my touch pad is not working, just work while I'm inthe bios and there is also enable, an ...

Upgrading the GL703 M.2 drive to 512GB

Hey guys,I have a Strix GL703 laptop and I was wondering how I can upgrade the m.2 hard drive. I used Rufus for my USB installation but I can't boot with USB even when I turn off Quick Boot and Secure Boot. I know the USB drive works because I test...

zhall89 by Level 7
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ASUS GL702VM(K), wtaht's the thermal pad's thickness?

Hello,I'm in need for urgent help. I've already "unsuccessfully" contacted & emailed ASUS support for the 3rd time about this issue but it seems that I'm talking to an awful Chat Bot, "Check the Documention", "That will void your warranty", "Etc!"...