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GL752VW Fan Replacement

Hello. My fan has been damaged and is making horrible noises. The computer remains cool, but I want to get it replaced because it is distracting. Does anyone know the model number for the fan? I see many fans that look correct, but they say they ...

Zarquan by Level 7
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GL752VW fan control

Hi,Default fan control could be weird. At edge where load is small, but not very small, laptop could turn fan on and off like Morse code - easily each second. Sometimes it even turns fan on for fraction of second, to turn it off immediately. That's m...

Looking for backpack for gl502vmk.

Now i'm using LUCKYSKY PTLSB7912 Black. It's ok, for my previous 15.6" ASUS X54HR, but a bit not enough place, to put 15.6" gl502vmk cause gives pressure on the top of the bag, and bottom of pocket for laptop. Thats best variant, that I seen in local...

Mohave by Level 7
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ROG gaming center not working after Nvidia driver update

I've just updated my Nvidia driver to version 382.53 and now several things stooped working:Here are some examples:ROG Gaming center - program stooped working and need to closeHeroes of the Storm - Graphics device not available at this timeMasters of...

Help Me Choose Between GL503VD-DB74 and GL502VM-DS74

My trusted and loved G74 finally died on me so its time to make a new purchase. I love that I got 8 years from that laptop and that it was still fast by normal standards the day it died. So have been looking at GL503VD-DB74 as well as the GL502VM-DS7...

Possible to Boot GL502VT from SD Card ?

Hi All!I'm trying to figure out how to boot from my SD card. I don't see the option to select it as a boot device under BIOS. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64bit and I want to be able to boot into Kali (on the SD Card) when I need to.Any ideas on how I ...