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Weird Issues with ROG GL502VM (Mind of it's own)?

Hi All:This is my first post here and I apologize if I'm in the wrong sub-forum. A few days ago my ROG GL502 stopped responding to the internal keyboard so I restarted the system. When it came to the log in screen I could not type my password because...

Connecting 2 displays to discrete GPU

Hello!I have asus laptop, it has 1x hdmi, 1x dp portAlso has 2 graphics cards - Intel 640 and Nvidia 1050Today got my new monitors, connected them, start a game and voah, fps was 2x lower than usualI noticed that both displays are using intel HD grap...

eli0n4u by Level 7
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What is the best undervolt for GL 553VD?

Hello!At the time I'm using the Intel extreme tunning app to undervolt my pc.It is set to -0.130V for core, cache and graphics it works without failures.Previously I used MSI afterburner to lower frequencies in general, but I would like to know if mo...

GL702VS In Black?

I tried to do a bit of searching but could only see that on the Asus website you can either select silver or black. Being that I'm trying to find one used I am trying to find out this info so I can either wait for a black one to pop up or just pull t...

Serious Boot problem with ROG Strix GL703GS Scar Edition

Today i got a brand new GL703GS Scar Edition without windows and when i tryed to boot an USB with win10 i was shocked that nothing really worked.I can boot same USB on my old G750GS and my Desktop but the GL703GS does not recognize it. When i spend s...

matau by Level 9
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GL503VS Lemon? Recourse?

I bought a GL503VS-DH74 in the beginning of July and out of the box the battery was basically dead. It wouldn't hold its full capacity and only gave roughly an hours worth of use, give or take. Even prohibiting performance and enabling battery saving...

ROG Strix GL702ZC is behaving sluggishly and slowly lately

everything I do on the web browsing and typing...even right now As I type it is slowing down and I have to watch a few second delay to catch up.Even everyday tasks like windows applications and programs and all web online content and youtube and fil...