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ROG button and Aura Core not working properly

Hello! I am using GL753VE right now, and recently I've noticed two problems:1. My ROG button is not working as it should be. It used to open Gaming Center, but now it doesn't. I have Gaming Center installed, so I'm not missing it or anything, I can o...

ROG GL703GM Wi-fi speeds

Hi, I have a problem with my wi-fi speeds.After each restart my wi-fi speed is around 20mbps but after reinstalling the wi-fi adapter, my speed goes to 50-60mbps as it is on my other laptop. Does anyone have any idea why?Also I installed the wi-fi dr...

GL504GM sound issue after waking from sleep

When I close the lid on my GL504GM, let it go to sleep and then open it up again, sound no longer works. Sound doesn't come out from the speakers nor a plugged in headset. A restart solves the issue. Windows troubleshooter doesn't find the issue and ...

Nihck5 by Level 7
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Unable to configure SSD as boot device GL553

Hello there. (LAPTOP ASUS GL553 VW)On my HD I have two partitions, one for the OS and another one for data. I purchased a new SSD, installed it, used an application (Macrium Reflect) to CLONE the OS partition into the SSD... Now the SSD shows on my...

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GL703GM questions from a new owner

Hi guys,I just got the GL703GM laptop after having a MSI laptop before.Just got a couple of questionsThe fans are on balanced atm and randomly they go on and off all day. The computer isn't hot or anything. It will be either one or two fans that come...

Siren by Level 7
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