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Random Freeze problems on ROG-GL553ve

Hi,i am facing this issue of random freezing since i bought the laptop. The issue is "driver power state failure" (blue screen) .This happens whenever i am using the laptop on battery,faced this issue while i was using chrome,lightroom classic and a...

gl553ve ram upgrade

Hi, I have 8gb of ram in one stick, and i want to know how to choose another 8gb stick. Any hints about compatibility? I know I can always buy identical part I have already, but with prices today I will have to hunt for some deals.

dran2 by Level 7
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How does recovery work on GL702VS?

After updating Windows 10 to 1079 version, somehow I lost the ability to install/update any drivers unless I'm in safe mode. After trying many things, I decided to reset the PC. So I followed the recovery steps to reset and chose the option to "Kee...

GL502VMK Windows 10 Creators Update FPS Issues

Updated to this a few weeks ago and having FPS issues with certain games wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. Currently running 1709 build of Windows 10. Also tried several tricks listed out there on the internet about the creators up...

GL502VS Wakes up from Sleep Inside Backpack

I have a GL502VS Nvidia 1070 i7 6700HQ that I keep finding burning inside my backpack. It has happened over 10 times now and Im afraid it will ruin my laptop. I put my laptop to sleep since I want to pick up where I left off in terms of what I have r...

Replacing damaged key caps on GL752VW

Hello. I was wondering if there are any reputable sellers of key caps (The top piece of plastic). One of my buttons fell off because the cap is damaged. I would replace it with another key, but I am a programmer and I use every compatible button f...

Zarquan by Level 7
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2 dead subpixels in ~10 months on asus gl553vd

Hi everyone!I've got such a dissapointing thing - 2 dead pixel on such a beautiful dispaly. First dead subpixel, green, appeared in two weeks, second, blue subpixel of another pixel - few days before (i.e. ~ 10 monts). I know it is yet out of warrant...

GL 702VM frame issues

Alright so I have a Asus GL702VM laptop which has the following:GTX 1060Intel Core i7-670012 gigs of ramI feel like I should be getting much higher frames in games. In OW, Ill get say 90-120 and Ill dip down to the 40-50's every now and then. Battlef...