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[GL502VSK] Lags in game menus and when paused

Hi,I am new to this forum and appreciate the advice, which has really helped so far.But I still have a big issue in games like CS:GO, SC2, AoE definitive edition and so on. The problem are extreme lags in certain games menues (1-3FPS) for 2-4s, but w...

Andidi by Level 7
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Asus Gl553VE purchased on Ebay has black screen, warranty?

Hey folks, i recently bought an asus GL553VE on ebay. It had no charging port cable so i didn’t even know it turned on! Once i go that cable in, it had a black screen. The logo on the back of the screen wouldn’t even light up! Its almost like the top...

User33 by Level 7
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Asus GL502VSK Low FireStrike Score Please Help

Hi . so I am getting really low scores on my GL502VSK around 11000-12000 . I heard that it should be arond 15000 but it's definitely not . I have done some tests, I would be really glad if you guys can help me . While helping me please explain like e...

GL552vw - TN Panel Replacement ?

I'd appreciate some opinions , on something I can't make my mind onlast year I purchased a refurbished Asus ROG GL552vw - mainly for programming and the occasional gaming with m960 - if I have time, maybe play a little hitman or kerbal space program....

dshamim by Level 7
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GL702VS Destiny 2 subpar performance

So I've been attempting to figure this out, but with no success. I've got a GL702VS laptop that is struggling to play Destiny 2 at anything above 75fps consistently. Any of the planets tend to continually drop me down to 65fps, and places like Titan ...

GL502VSK Audio Driver problem ( and the combo jack)

Hi fellow Rogers,I have recently bought a ROG GL502VSK ( or as it is also named: ROG GL502VS (7th Gen Intel Core))i will try to explain the issue point by point.The Problem:- The combo audio/mic jack doesnt work! audio works fine but whenever i con...

Gl502vmk BIOS

Trying to update my bios and could use some help. is the link I am using. The asus winflash keeps saying "The format of the ...