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GL502vt Shutting down

Hi guys, after fresh format with a usb flash my GL502VT is shutting down with heavy process around 20% in battery. I don`t belive that it is battery problem because before format it diddn`t happen look like a driver problem, any guess?Thanks

New Asus ROG GL503VD High Pitch Sound

Hey guys.Dont know much about the new gen of laptops and what they suppose to be running as.But i just purchased a ASUS ROG GL503VD and when i turned it on and leaving it idle and such i get a very high pitch sound from the back left of the laptop ne...

Windows 10 Creators update problem with GL702VSK

Ever since I purchased this laptop (GL702VSK), I cannot stop but appreciate how amazing it has been for me and have been enjoying it with no problems what-so-ever until recently. I am currently only having the following problem. The Windows 10 Creat...

[Ask] Asus ROG GL503VD - DOTA 2 FPS

Hi,I have bought myself my first gaming laptop which is Asus ROG GL503VD Hero Edition.The specs are :i7-7700HQRAM 8GB DDR4 2400mhzNvidia GTX 1050 4GB120hz ScreenI tested only 2 games up until now which is Overwatch and DOTA 2. In Overwatch I got arou...

Strange Noise comming from gl702vs laptop whenever i game

Whenever im gaming no matter what game it is i get this weird hissing noise coming from my laptop no matter what settings i have the games at, is this something to worry about or is it nothing?I bought this less than a year ago and have had the issue...

cro68 by Level 7
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Laptop missing Intel Integrated Graphics? (GL703VM, 7700HQ)

Hi. I recently bought a GL703VM with a 1060GTX and 7700HQ. I've always thought that all intel processors handle the so called integrated GPU but I cannot seem to find it as a seperate device in the device manager. I read some articles and from what I...

Re7r0 by Level 7
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GL553VD - Fps drops when the laptop is unplugged

Is there some way to fix the fps drops on my GL553VD when it's unplugged? For example if a game runs normally on 50 fps, when I try it on battery it keeps dropping to 20-25 fps.I tried changing the power plan to "high performance" but that didn't wor...

boot into USB. ASUS GL502vt

Hii have ASUS ROG GL502VT. Im trying to upgrade. anyway, i have a bootable w10 1709 USB installation. I cant seem to boot it into BIOS or should I say, i cannot find it in BIOS. My BIOS version is 300. Can anyone tell me how?

kingKAI by Level 8
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