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m2 ssd compatibility with GL502vm

Helloi looking to change my sandidisk ssd to this one the 500 gb one i need to know if its compatible with the GL502vm 7th gen

GL552VW Battery Not Working

I recently got a ROG GL552VW and have only had it for about 6-8 Months, one day i went on and it said that the battery was on 0% even though i charged it all night. I cant run my computer without it being on charge. sometimes the percent goes up but ...

ASUS GL703 GM high temperatures at (almost) idle

Hello! I've bought new laptop and I don't know if it's everything ok. When I'm just viewing browser and do other not heavy load tasks my CPU cores's temperatures are about 55-60 C. CPU usage is about 3%-5%. My GPU is about 60 C. Laptop is used on fl...

Hodakson by Level 7
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Super Bright Screen on Laptop (Asus ROG Strix 1060)

Hi All,For the past few days my laptop turns on and is super bright, or possibly super contrasted, it looks like its set up 100% when its only at 75%.Does anyone know whats going on? I've tried disabling the Nvidia Driver and using the default one an...

The good thread: My ASUS Experience.

I know many people have issues with their ASUS products and come here to complain ( and rightfully so ). But I gotta say. I have now owned my ASUS GL702VMK for 18 months and have traveled back and forth with it everyday in a backpack and have honestl...

StarJack by Level 11
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XTUservice GL703GS

Hi,I've bought this lovely laptop and I've noticed the XTUservice taking up about 0.3% (fluctuating) of the CPU on idle.I'm not doing any overclocking of any kind.What is this service doing for me and my laptop? Why is it preinstalled?

Gl703gm bios 305?

Hi guysYesterday my bios was updated to v. 305 via windows update. On checking ASUS driver website, the latest version is 304Firstly, ive never known Win Updates provide BIOS updates before (Win update asked me to restart which then took me into the...

GL703 - How to remove primary hard drive? - solved

Hi all!I've had my ASUS GL703G for just over a month - and it has stopped working. The charge light won't even come on when I plug it in, the laptop is completely dead.Before I RMA it, I need to recover all of my data. I can easily access the seconda...

GL503VM keyboard colour issue

Hey guys,*I have an issue I need some help with!I recently bought a gl503vm Hero Edition and it has the RGB keyboard. I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows and even though I’ve installed all of the apps off of *the asus website EXCEPT GameVisual beca...