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Remapping GL702vm ROG key ?

I have a GL702vm and I would want to remap my ROG key, the button circled in blue in the picture, to the num lock key. Is there any software out there or any other way to remap this key? Thanks

WolfN by Level 7
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4 Zone LED backlit GL503VD raindbow effect

STRIX GL503VD has 4 zone backlit LED but do not have any cool effects likes rainbow effect, like the effect which comes while laptop is in sleep mode - Waving red light, if anyone have some MODs or some other solution do share :o:o

what is causing battery to discharge 5% while plugged in?

The battery constantly cycles between 95%-100% while plugged, under light to no load.It actually loses 5% pretty fast while remaining plugged in. I would estimate it takes a day to lose 5% while plugged in.That's a fast discharge.What is consuming th...

link626 by Level 7
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GL703VM ROG Gaming Center GPU Memory In Red

Hi everyone I'm new here so forgive me if this has already been addressed or I am posting this in the wrong section. This is not my first gaming laptop (Had a lenovo y700 that bit the dust just shy of a year), however this is my first Asus laptop. Th...

Hyori by Level 7
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GL702VMK bios confusion

Helloasus download page is very confusing. Under 'drivers and tools' shows bios 303 however under 'bios and firmware' the bios version is 306. is the 303 or 306 current bios for 7th gen gl702vmk

dasBOT by Level 7
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Colores invertidos en pantalla por momentos, GL553VE

Buenas, tengo una GL553VE por casi 11 meses hace dos semanas la formatie porque presentaba problemas con el onedrive desde que la compre. La formatie hace dos semanas y hace dos dias estuve viendo las opciones de la tarjeta grafica. El asunto es que ...