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GL702VI Maxed GPU Memory Speed

Recently purchased laptop. Playing the included Destiny2 game, ROG Game center shows the GPU memory as a solid red bar after exiting the game. After a short time the bar will start to come down, turn blue and continue to count down. I am worried as i...

GL 553VE with SSD how much fps?

Hi ROG's family,How much fps do you have in Counter-Strike Global Offensive? On low and highest video settings? My machine clocks up to 200 and can't exceed this value both on low and high settings. Do you know what can be the reason of that?What is ...

GFE Shadow Play (Instant Replay) and G-SYNC

i’ve searched a lot and posted in other nvidia related forums but can’t seem to find a discussion about this.I can’t get these 2 working at the same time. I’m wondering if this normal or there is a work around?All my testing has been done with PUGB. ...

FastM by Level 7
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gl753vd gaming centre issue

hi I have a rog strix gl753vd I had to restore it but it has removed the rog gaming centre I have reinstalled it using asus website but the gpu and cpu are showing 0 MHz the temperature and memory are also at 0 how can I get this working again they t...

GL502VMK Battery drain when shut down

I seem to be having a battery drain issue with the 502VMK. After shutting down and leaving the laptop unplugged, the battery will drain about 1% per day. After a few weeks of sitting I power it on and its around 75%. I've seen the over the course of ...

GL502 Series - Problems and Solutions

Hi guys, I write this thread to summarize the problems that users encounter in using one of the many models that Asus offers with the identified GL502 series (also GL553). Reading most of the threads in this forum and trying to google all complain ab...

GL503vs power plug

Hello everybody I need 2 more power adapters for my laptop. I have 4 other power adapters with the same amp and voltage. Could anyone tell me if I can buy the plug and from where?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

ealessa by Level 7
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GL702VMK WIN10 PRO - Laptop keeps freezing

Hi,My laptop (bought in November 2017) keeps freezing (hard crash) randomly and the only way to recover is rebooting with power button. Any ideas why this is happening?It's running Windows 10 Professional with Fall Creators update.Many Thanks

GL502VS Space Bar Issues

Hey Folks,I can't seem to do anything about the horrid space bar. The space bar often does not register, and it seems that there is no sweet spot (at least not in a place my thumbs naturally reach). I recall reading a bit about this in some reddit ...