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GL504GW GPU on Battery

is it possible to use the nvidia card while it is on battery? it always jumps to the iGP when it is not plugged in.

TX2000 by Level 8
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GL551JW-DS74 SSD ungradable or not??

Does the GL551JW-DS74 allow for the 128gb SSD (included) to be upgraded and switched out to a 500gb SSD?I'm afraid that it's buried beyond reach and will not be replaceable. Any brother out there own the GL551JW-DS74 that can help?Thanks!Cheers

BramC by Level 7
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GL503VM keyboard stops working

hi my girlfriend have GL503VM laptop but her keyboard stops working randomly it happends abput 6 times and she alwys have to restart her laptop any help ? BIOS 311

Shioriu by Level 7
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Asus Gl503VM FPS drops ?

I have got Asus Gl503VM for almost a year now.I am facing fps drops in every games .Before I would get 60 fps is most games without any issues or drops but now its drops to 20 fps every 3-4 minutes ?My temps are 90-95 C - gaming and 60-70 C idle / n...

Gl504gw rtx 2070 power limit?

is there any way to fix the power limit of this card? or this is normal. The card is running without issues, i was just wandering

TX2000 by Level 8
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Guide to Fixing BSOD Errors

The *ONLY WORKING FIX* is in your Nvidia settings.1. Right-Click your Nvidia Icon on the notification bar.2. Select the Nvidia Control Panel3. Select "Manage 3D Settings"4. Select the "Global Settings" Tab5. Navigate to "Power Management Mode" and se...


asus strix II hero serious gpu thermal throttling

I have a asus strix II hero and it hasn't been much since I bought this laptop, at first it was fine working as expected but now I am experiencing major fps drops in between 1-2 mins interval ...the tempreture is also high and fps like drops to 10-20...