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Gaming Laptop suddenly started dropping frames.

Hi. I have used an Asus ROG Strix GL703VM for about 7 months and I have never got a problem with it. Since the begin of this week I have started experiencing frame drops from 160 to 30. I used malwarebytes to see if there is any virus but nothing. Al...

Misqy by Level 7
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Can't disable Noise Reduction on Asus ROG GL752VW

I have an ASUS GL752VW-DH71. It has a Conexant driver. I want to disable Noise Reduction on my microphone. I went to the Microphone Effects and clicked on it to disable it, and it just keeps checking itself back on immediately. How can I disable ...

Zarquan by Level 7
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GL703GE Sound issues

Hello everyone. It seems that my laptop is having some poping/crackling issues. They are present only in the left speaker of everything I plug in it (headphones, audio system...). The crackling sounds appear only when music/movies are played and not ...

Disappointed with the GL703GS

Hi guys,Bought a GL703GS with a GTX 1070 2 months ago and I'm incredibly disappointed with the laptop. It has developed numerous issues.1. Thermal temps out crazy high, I have to lower the volts in Intel XTU in order to get decent temps2. An array of...

garyfl by Level 7
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Battery - asus rog strix scar ii 2019

Hello,PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!I bought yesterday ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II (i7 8750H, RTX 2070 etc...) and this laptop is my first laptop i ever owned in my whole life... So the question is... If i plug in the charger while hardcore gaming on it for like...

Sonic Studio 3 problem on GL703VD

I don't know what happened but every time I boot up my laptop the UAC instantly prompts asking me if I should run SS3Svc32 for it to launch Sonic Studio 3. It has never done this before and I have never touched anything about it. Anything I update is...

Windows Reset with Rog Scar GL703G Stuck at 31% need help

HiToday i wanted to sell my Asus Rog Scar GL 703G and in Windows i searched for Windows Reset.It asked me i i want to delete all Data on all Drives. I Clicked Yes and it rebootet to the Republic of Gamers Screen and Startet to Format Data but Realy s...

Skidder by Level 7
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Gl 703GE keyboard backlight doesn`t turn off at idle

Hey guys, when my laptop is plugged in, the rgb keyboard backlight never turns off when idling, unlike when it`s on batery (it turns off after a few minutes, just the keyboard lighting, the screen turns off after a few more minutes).Haven`t found a s...

(GL5553) LED Color Won't Change

Hi, I've been trying off and on for weeks to figure out why I can't change the backlight color on my GL553, including downloading two different versions of Aura. The last one claims I just don't have the hardware, even though Amazon and this very web...