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Performance issues on GL703GS

Hi !I've just buyed a GL703GS, and I've noticed some performance issues while using it.It is performing great enough to be running on the dedicated GPU, and not on the integrated one, but I'm getting like 30% less FPS than I'm supposed to I've saw so...

GL-703GS Laptop yellowish tint

Hi there,when using software such as photoshop/illustrator etc. there is a yellowish tint on the colour profile.any idea how to fix this as this is really messing up with my work as a designer. swapping the colour profiles from the GameVisual hud isn...

nugfx by Level 7
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2666mhz DDR4 RAM Upgrade for GL702VMK ?

Hi,is anyone using 2666mhz DDR4 RAM with a GL*02 Notebook? I'm curious whether it will work properly with my GL702VMK. Otherwise i will have to stick with the 2400 RAM.Thanks,mat

GL502VM Crash all night ...

All is in title ! I have an Asus GL502VML, i have a fresh install of windows 10 (Re install last week) and full update V1809 17763.316.My config is : Intel i7 6700HQ , GTX1060, 16Go , BIOS 301I'm using the original Windows driver expect for ACPI (...

NAHIMIC frequent crashes (audiodg.exe) never fixed

This happens every day.Opening Reliability Monitor you can easily find some AUDIODG.EXE crashes caused by this crapware for 3D audio badly written and partially incompatible with Windows 10:DescrizionePercorso dell'applicazione che ha generato l'erro...

hexaae by Level 13
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[BUG] AURA Core broken after resume from sleep/hibernation

Every time I wake up my PC from sleep + hibernation my AURA Core (Settings: SMART mode) is freezed and not working (LEDs are stuck).I have to launch ROG Aura Core tool to wake it up.GL703GS (BIOS 308)ROG AURA Core (Aura.exe) 2.0...

hexaae by Level 13
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GL504GM scar edition strix 2 Screen Glitches

Hello guys im new here to fin out what is happening to my pc... i still have the waranty 5year, only bought it like 2 weeks ago... So here is the problem when im watching videos or playing games the screen glitches like an old TV its a very fast glit...

What are the new ROG RTX laptops capable of G-sync?

Hello everyone. I'm buying a ROG laptop for the first time. I haven't yet decided which laptop to buy. But I'm looking for Strix Hero II(GL504GV) and Scar II(GL504GV) with RTX 2060 graphics. And also Zephyrus(GX531) with RTX 2060 graphics.And I'm spe...

Charger making weird sound

I noticed this only recently but whenever the charger is plugged at both ends (into the laptop + into external power socket)it makes a subtle but constant buzzing noise, as if a tiny little fan is spinning inside making slight screeching noise. whene...

skyrider by Level 8
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Gaming Laptop suddenly started dropping frames.

Hi. I have used an Asus ROG Strix GL703VM for about 7 months and I have never got a problem with it. Since the begin of this week I have started experiencing frame drops from 160 to 30. I used malwarebytes to see if there is any virus but nothing. Al...

Misqy by Level 7
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