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GL552VW-cn288d drivers and overheating issues

Hi,Does anyone got this error msg when try to install official driver from was some other Intel GPU drivers on that page in the ...

ROG 503VM Keyboard and mouse stops working randomly issue

Hello guys , 2 days ago i receive this laptop rog 503vm , i buy it from .So in the begining everything was fine , i download some games but after 5-6 hours keyboard just freeze stop working , i was thinking maybe i press some buttons combo...

masato by Level 7
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GL703GS 8th Gen Strix Scar Editions - Issues Day One

I have always purchased ASUS laptops and products because I have had great success. I decided that with my 20 year bonus I would purchase the new GL703GS Strix Scar Edition laptop to replace my aging Asus G751J. Out of the box running the Windows 1...

Asus GL702VM Water Damage - Where do I go from here?

After a week of issues, I discovered my GL702VM has some amount of internal corrosion and water damage. I'm not entirely sure where this damage came from, but I believe it was from a humidifier that I had several months ago. When I opened my laptop (...

ASUS ROG GL752VW Randomly shuts down on battery

I noticed that my laptop started to randomly shuts down when on battery at around 80% - 85% but I think it's just after a like 10-15 minutes it doesn't really matter what % the battery level is. I timed it and after like 15 minutes it shut down at 93...

Pojinko by Level 7
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Dual booting Win7 with the GL503VD Win10 OEM

Has anyone successfully dual booted Windows 7 and Windows 10 alongside each other on your ROG GL notebook? Mine specifically is GL503VD.Please no links to tutorials, I probably have read them or might be able to google them. I just need personal expe...

GL703VM - Many issue

I bought this laptop less than week ago and have had nothing but issues. It began with Thermal Throttling while playing any game for more than a couple minutes with CPU temperatures hitting 95 Degrees Celsius quickly. I've tried cleaning it out and m...

Window 10 Sound Problems on Battery (GL702VI)

So recently i upgraded to the windows 10 April update and noticed that when I'm on battery my speakers buzz for about 5 seconds when i get a notification from telegram or discord or any other app that does notifications it does not always happen only...

Setoka by Level 7
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