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GL552VW touchpad lag(blink)

Purchased used GL552VW, all works nice, but i can't use my touchpad at all.Cursor frequently try to blink away from where it should be. Dunno why. Gestures works.Tried using different driver versions, nothing lehps (((Any suggestions?

GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?

my gl553vd's warranty is coming to an end soon, so i'm looking to upgrade it's monitorthe current monitor is NT156FHM-N41, which is only 60hz i replace with B156HTN05.1 will it wo...

Display issue on Gl752V!!Help!

So I disassembled my laptop to clean everything out an once I had everything back together there was still power, fans, lights, ect turned on except for the display. I tried to unplug an plug everything back in an it worked but the second I turned it...

GL503GE GPU Fan Goes Over 7k Rpm @ Idle 45 Degrees,

GL503GE GPU Fan goes over 7k rpm @ idle 45 degrees, after some GPU stressing it goes down a bit, but starts waving from high rpm to low rpm.Any ideas how to fix it?1050ti and i5 8300h with newest bios drivers and gpu drivers

iFlay by Level 7
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GL702VM Fan Crackling noise after gaming session

Hi guys,My right fan (fan below the Num Pad) started to make a crackling sound but only after a gaming session with full speed. After that when it becomes calmer the sound appears and is like if it is hitting something.I already visually investigate...

[HELP] Gl552jx Bricked bios stuck on boot logo

Hy,recently i've got a bios problem on my asus rog laptop was stuck at boot logo and can not doing anything after that.after doing some research from this forum, i've got some solution to reflash using usb by downloading the correct bios f...