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Hello guys... i'm out of any further idea.Since i got this laptop i NEVER had any issues with it - today i opened the backside, to vacuum and blow out my fans IN the laptop.. So i removed, those about 10 screws - unplugged the HDD to remove the cover...

Asus rog strix g17 G713pi zu heiß?

Hallo,ich habe mir im vor paar Tagen den Asus ROG Strix G17 (G713PI-LL034W) gekauft.Ich zocke überwiegend battlefield 2042 auf Ultra oder fast Ultra Einstellung. Der Laptop gibt diese Leistung eig problemlos her, ich habe allerdings schnell beobachte...

ROG Strix G16 buyers guide

Hi all, and especially ROG Strix G16 (2023) enjoyers!I have just ordered G16 with i7-13650hx and RTX4080, a beast! But, after watching several reviews online I have some concerns. Could someone/anyone that also have this laptop tell me are there any ...

Rog g15 Advantage Edition - Stuck in PCIe Gen 3 x8

BIOS, CPUZ, and Radeon Software all report PCIe Gen 4 is supported but the lane(s) appear to be stuck on Gen 3 x8. Everything is up to date, and the ram has been upgraded. Switching back to stock ram doesn't cause it to change.Initially I had 2 NVMe ...

Xerora by Level 7
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Need some help with cable orientation G733PZ

I recently wanted to add an additional SSD to my new laptop and should have watched a teardown video to see what awaited me, but of course I didn't.  When i opened the bottom of the laptop i pulled out the two cables that allow the RGB bar to light u...

How do i hook up my laptop to an external monitor

I have a zowie monitor, 27in 240 fps monitor.   My gaming laptop is the strix G814jiWhen i connect it to the monitor im getting minimal frames.   I'm forced to use the hdmi output as this is all the laptop has besides the usb C which i dont think are...

Rlx Strix G16 - Win10 vs Win11 wich?

Hello,I have buy one of this ones (13650 HX / 4060 / 16GB Ram / 512GB M2), I will use for work and gaming.Would like to know if someone has "downgraded" this machine to Win10, on my desktop PC I have Win 10 the use of it is a hybrid between work and ...

RoloF by Level 8
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ASUS Rog Strix G17 Laptop Constant WHEA Error problem

Hello!I have a problem with my Asus rog strix g17 2022 laptop (G713RW). The display regularly turns off after sleep mode, hibernation, or just turning on. The problem cannot be resolved with a hard reset. I found only one solution: Disconnect the bat...

Zyzy by Level 7
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Rog key

my rog strix g15 is detecting every button i press on the built in keyboard is the rog key button that automaticly opens armory crate