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GL502VM owners. OPEN YOUR LAPTOP. Bulging battery.

I opened my laptop today because I was getting BSODs and needed to test the RAM.To my surprise, when I removed the bottom panel, I saw that the battery cells were bulging. I keep my laptop plugged in all the time, and the laptop is just 16 months old...

link626 by Level 7
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GL553VE Automatic shutdown with Manual Fan Boost

Hi,I am facing an issue with my GL553VE laptop which shuts down automatically if you do a manual fan boost from the ROG gaming center..the laptop runs just fine if i keep the fan mode to 'Auto' but even with slightest increase in manual fan boost spe...

Sid7886 by Level 7
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Rog gl553vd lag problem

Hello, - TEMPERATURESI facing some issue with my laptop. I was using it for programming only and playing some simple games like lineage2 (old). I wasnt facing such a issue but yesterday I started playing fortnite on optimitze...

famouzr by Level 7
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Gl702vmk Intel Core i7-7700hq cpu speed?

I just reinstall windows and all the drivers ofthe official asus page, starting the gaming center on the left side (info of the pc) i have Intel Core i7-7700hq 2.80ghz,is the 2,8 correct? I thought it was 3,5 before? maybe bad drivers?

ROG GL503V - Invalid password in BIOS

Hi everybody.I come here because I can't find any other solution on my problem... I just bought the rog GL503V and to secure it, I put an admin password on my bios (with uppercase and numbers). Now, I can't log into the bios anymore because it tells ...

Rtxx47 by Level 7
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GL702vs-RS71 and SSamsung 960 PRO NVMe 1TB

First of all hello to all this is my first post. I'm an official geezer at 52. I do Enterprise work these days and haven't done a build or mod (except Apple Powerbooks) in quite a while. I have a gazillion certs from A+ to MCSE to CIsco etc.I picked ...


I am finding a way to disable C1E without using throttle stop, but without any avail i cant find any.Is there someone who can help me with my problem. I just want to disable it to remove my COIL WHINE.