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FPS Drops Asus ROG GL552VW Notebook.

Dear friends,I'm having much FPS drops while gaming.Normally it's 60FPS steady with Vertical Sync on.But after a while it drops to 40 or 30 even.When I push ALT+TAB and ALT+TAB again it's 60 again..Really frustrating..Already edited my CPU to go @ MA...

TvR90 by Level 7
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GL502VS Fans started to spin at max rpm

Hello,Laptop: GL502VS with 7700HQ and 1070GTXToday, when I came from school I noticed that my laptop's fan (bot GPU and CPU) started to spin at max RPM ~4200. They keep that speed from start to shut down despite the CPU and gpu usage. Event if the co...

GL503VS power throttling?

Hey all!I was using a GL503VS for a few hours and it was working ok.However after some time the fps dropped by about 50%.Reinstalling windows, drivers and bios did not fix the issue.I noticed that while running the render test in gpu-z the gtx 1070 w...

gl502vm temp reads in speedfan

Helloi got the gl502vm and for the cpu temperature reads from speed fan it gives a lot of sense as the reads in idle and under load are normal but with every other app like HWiNFO64 and CPUID HWMonitor and coretemp any other temperature app i tried ...

GL503VS battery indicator not working?

Hey!Anyone with a GL503 , how does the battery indicator led work?For me it displays nothing, however the other leds are working.Am I missing something or the led indicator is faulty and needs an rma?Battery percentage is displayed in Windos and bios...

Remapping GL702vm ROG key ?

I have a GL702vm and I would want to remap my ROG key, the button circled in blue in the picture, to the num lock key. Is there any software out there or any other way to remap this key? Thanks

WolfN by Level 7
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