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Black screen with G733CX laptop

I have a G733CX laptop 12950hx 3080ti laptop, connected to a XG27AQM monitor via Usb c to display port, at random I get a black screen for 1-2 seconds and than it comes back on normal operation like nothing never happened, there is no pattern it happ...

G531GT file copy from phone problem

I am facing a strange problem. When the power supply cable is connected, I am unable to copy medium to large files(say 50MB and above) from my android phone to the laptop through usb cable. Only small files get copied. I get attached error where it g...

low FPS in Far Cry 6 on ASUS ROG STRIX G15

hello everyonei have a ROG Strix G15 with these spces:Ryzen 4800HRTX 3050Ti16GB DDR4i've recentley installed Far Cry 6 on windows 11 and with high settings, get 10~15 FPS. the bad part is with lowering settings, FPS does not change and become 20 at i...

G733QSA random black screen and off issues

so while playing WoW my laptop screen will randomly go off it does not seem like it is getting hot has not happend for about 3 days untill today while in a BG in wow laptop just shut off everything is up to date at first i thought it might have bee...

CD7982 by Level 7
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ROG GL553-VE GeForce 1050Ti BSOD, Error Code 43

Hello everyone.I've got ASUS ROG GL553-VE Laptop and have issue with my NVidia card. I have searched in thos and NVidia's forum and tried, I think, every possible solution but nothing helps.First, about 2 weeks ago I started to have BSOD screens with...

jerek_ by Level 7
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GL504GM GPU Fan on max RPM on idle

Hello all.Apparently I'm lucky and my Strix Hero II doesn't have any FPS issues or anything like that. The laptop never reaches above 85 C from what I've seen. However, I have on issue with it. Whenever I turn on the laptop or at random points when i...

wollpie by Level 7
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