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Upgrading the GL703 M.2 drive to 512GB

Hey guys,I have a Strix GL703 laptop and I was wondering how I can upgrade the m.2 hard drive. I used Rufus for my USB installation but I can't boot with USB even when I turn off Quick Boot and Secure Boot. I know the USB drive works because I test...

zhall89 by Level 7
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ASUS GL702VM(K), wtaht's the thermal pad's thickness?

Hello,I'm in need for urgent help. I've already "unsuccessfully" contacted & emailed ASUS support for the 3rd time about this issue but it seems that I'm talking to an awful Chat Bot, "Check the Documention", "That will void your warranty", "Etc!"...

Rog gl502vs-us71 battery problem

I've been having some troubles with the charge while playing. When processor is pushed charge just starts constantly disconnectind and re-connecting while plugged in. Also gets very hot and loud playing really not demanding games such as CS GO or For...

CPU underclocking itself on GL553ve

Hello , my CPU keeps going to low GHzs every time it's under load. When I enter FIFA or any other game it goes from 2,8-3,3 GHz to 0,8-1,8 GHz making it unplayable. I checked the power plan and it is on performance mode on 100 minimum and maximum fre...

keyboard error N0Z007

Hello I have a GL753VD (ASUSPRO PX753VD-GC081R)2 times it goes into repair (keyboard error N0Z007) 1st folder2nd folder Failure "Keyboard function Error (N0ZY01)" 3rd folder yesterday ..... And still same problem. The computer no longer responds any ...

GL703V and New SSD, now HDD LED is always on.

I just installed a brand new ADATA SU800 M.2 SATA drive on my GL703V, i cloned the info from the standard HDD to the new one and everythig is working perfectly but the HDD LED is now always on, is there a workaround to fix this? Is anyone else having...

GL502VS Bad performance in new games

hello, I've had Asus ROG GL502VS for quite some time now. bought it in September 2016 and in the beginning i've had no issues with its performance, it wrecked absolutely every game on ultra settings including far cry 4, far cry primal, witcher 3, GTA...

GL703VD crashing on games

Hi, I have the GL703VD It keeps having problems and crashing upon using games Overwatch and binding of issac are the worst offenders. Both seem to be against overclocking. I went in the ROG gaming Center and change it to standard who fixed it for tha...

anavn by Level 7
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GL553VD Low fps when on battery

So i have seen this issue reporting again and again by many people and on various forums but never managed to find a solution.Now i came to the official manufacturer's forums of my laptop hoping someone really knows what to do.Things that i have done...

mikeyav by Level 7
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GL504GS Models

Hi, All. Cann't find any info about different models...GL504GS-ES092T (90NR00L1-M02390) Does this model actually have 144Hz display or not?And what's the difference between ES092T и ES119 except OS?