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Kingston - HyperX Impact 2666 cl15 on gl703

Just thought i'd add my experience as couldn't find any info before i upgraded and kingston doesn't list compatibility. This memory works fine for me and runs at 2666 cl 15 on my GL703GS-E5011T.

jels by Level 7
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EGPU not working on GL553V

So, recentely I acquired a more powerful EGPU for my laptops. As an owner of two, I gladly used it with my "for work" one, but coming to a second thought, I assumed that GTX 1070 would prove to be better than 1050. So in the end I ended up using it o...

Mak0-Z by Level 7
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Access to older bios version on gl702vs?

I was wondering if it's at all possible to downgrade the bios on my gl702vs, current version is bios 307. Problem with bios 307 is that even when my gpu/cpu temps are in the 50s or low 60s the fans want to stay pretty high. I have done considerable m...

KalEl by Level 7
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GL503VM Display contrast/color settings

Hi All,I need some help to change the colors and contrast on my screen that burns down my eyes. I have Scar GL503VM-ED062T notebook with AUO3 ED screen (B156HTN05.3) TN LED 1920x1080 @120Hz.I don't know how to set up correctly because the white and b...

sznyoky by Level 8
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ROG GL703GS Screen Flickering

I seem to be having a lot of problems with my NEW laptop. I haven't even had it a month and I've already encountered blue screen and crashing while playing games and this screen flicker which I have attached below. I got advised from Asus to do a fac...

Gazza90 by Level 7
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Windows 10 1809 GL553VE Graphic card totally unstable

I use my ROG GL553VE to edit with adobe premiere pro cc 2017As the OS was having many issues I decided to clean install windows, using the latest 1809 versionInstalled all drivers and then went for the adobe product.After using it for few minutes, i ...

fedess by Level 7
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GL703GS-E5011T / GPU Tweak II not working.

Tried using GPU Tweak II version and now with an ASUS laptop GL703GS-E5011T, which uses a 1070.My problem is that Tweak II will not save settings. If I create a profile named 'Custom' and then reboot, that profile appears as 'User 1' ...

Wrinkly by Level 7
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