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Ram advice GL752VW

Im looking for ram to upgrade my pc GL752VW but i dont know if i could install 8GB + 16GB or only i can 8+8.And which ones are advice and where to buy?thanks

antrabe by Level 7
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GL503VM heavy stuttering issues

Hi, since a few months i'm experiencing heavy stuttering problems while gaming with my GL503VM: the games run smooth for the first 2/3 minutes, then every 10 seconds the fps dramatically drops. I've notice that this happens as GPU temperatures reache...

menche7 by Level 7
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Fan Overboost not working. GL503VS

I have recently reinstalled a clean copy of Windows, and now I have noticed that Fan Overboost isn't working.- ROG Gaming Center is installed.- All the drivers on the product's Drivers & Software page are installed.- ASUS won't help me, apparently th...

waduhek by Level 7
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Battery drainage during shutdown in GL703GE

Hey there all!I just bought my GL703GE laptop few days ago and I have small problem.I downloaded this ASUS application that let's you choose battery charing mode.I've chosen the full economic mode, that stays at 60% all the time because I'm using cha...

Patricko by Level 7
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Charge Ipad with GL504GW

i wasn't able to charge my iPad with my laptop and then i remember that with my old laptop (G750JX) you downloaded a software to be able to.I went to the GL504GW driver page and then it wasn't listed there, so i went to my old laptop page and downloa...

TX2000 by Level 8
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GL702VM doesn't start without SATA HDD

Greetings!I wanted to update my GL702VM with an additional SSD besides the M.2-SSD in the M.2 slot (which keeps boot partition and system).I recognised, that the laptop wouldn't boot at all without an HDD at the SATA Port nor with a SSD installed to ...

DK999 by Level 8
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GL504GW Bios 304

I just went to the asus page and found out that the bios 304 is out. Going to try it out.

TX2000 by Level 8
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