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ROG STRIX GL503GE fan issues

Hello, I have my rog for about a year now and after some windows updates my fans started to spin more than it's supposed to. While gaming everything seems fine and it listens to fan options, but when it comes to idle or low usage, they're spinning li...


Why are there separate forums for G and GL series?

The G531 is similar enough to my GL531 that I get sent there when I'm trying to find drivers for my GL531. So if the models are that similar, why split the forums apart? It just cuts the traffic of potential gurus that might answer questions in hal...

Armoury crate on GL503GE

Asus website says we can install either ROG Gaming center or Armoury crate.Can we install Armoury crate in GL503GE?if yes how?

vk___07 by Level 7
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Problem with GL504GM Fan speeds and ROG gaming center

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem:I have a ROG strix GL504GM notebook, bought last year in august, and everything was fine until the last month or so, my fan speeds are far too loud. Even when I'm not gaming or doing anything ...

EmielK by Level 8
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Keyboard problem

Hi. I have an ASUS ROG GL752VW and ive been using it from the last 2 years now.Recently I saw that randomly some of my keyboards buttons arent workingLike, when I play csgo, it works perfectly, after some time these keys (`) (1) (Tab) (q) stop worki...

Win10/GL702ZC HID Keyboard Device Issue

Asus HID Keyboard Device Issue /and related sound effects when code 19 happens.I am using the ASUS GL702ZC laptop and was manually going through Device manager updating everything...until I cam across the keyboard also causes my keyboard t...

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