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ASUS GL552VW not working with my Blue Microphone

GreetingsI have had my ASUS GL552VW for a little over two years now and it has functioned well during this time for what it was used for, however I recently purchased the Yeti BLUE USB microphone. The microphone works perfectly with my desktop PC and...

GL703 GM - Keyboard RGB still doesnt work

Hello. I bought GL703GM about two months ago. After updating AURA Core my keyboard lighting stopped working. I tried EVERYTHING I found on the internet. I just want old version of working Aura Core working in gaming center. I cant even run Gaming Cen...

RauruS by Level 7
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GL702ZC undervolt of Ryzen 1700 and RX 580

Hello everyone...I just wanted to share some interesting undervolting results I got on my GL702ZC (Ryzen 1700) and RX 580.I was able to undervolt the CPU using the Ryzen Master utility for Threadripper (For some reason, the one for regular Ryzen does...

GL553VD - Can't boot from live CD

Hey everybody,I am trying to boot from a CD and my laptop just hangs while loading files. Is this normal?? I am trying to test out a live CD of Linux, so it isn't a pressing matter right now. But suppose I had an issue with my Windows install! What w...

GL703GE use Asus or Nvidia driver?

Hi guys, I'm sure this has probably been asked before but I couldn't find much in the search box. I just picked up a GL703GE with the 1050Ti (mostly for my wife who doesn't game and very occasional WoW or D3 for me if I'm on the road) and I'm wonder...

flyinion by Level 12
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GL551JW SSD Upgrade questions

I have a ASUS ROG GL551JW with 128GB SSD and 1 TB HDD. Windows is installed on the SSD. I constantly run out of space on C drive (SSD) but I do not think there is a way to upgrade the inbuilt SSD. I want to replace the 1TB HDD with an 1 TB SSD. I hav...

Gl553vd - upgrade ram

Hi all :cool:I have a laptop g553vd 8gb ram gtx1050 4gb, and I'm about to buy an additional 8 gb ram module. I would like to know what is the frequency or model that I should buy to have both modules equal and not have problems.Also, I'm also about t...