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ROG GL702VI-BA033T oculus problem

Hi.I use this laptop want to play with my oculus rift but I have a black screen ( it is plugged into hdmi)But:_NVIDIA driver are ok. _My laptop have two weeks._My...

Movie sound issues on asus gl552jx-aztec

Hi guys , First post in the forum, so I am realy strugaling on my asus gl552jx-aztec with movies; basicaly the movie starts and after 10 - 15 minutes the sound diviates from the picture. I was not able to fix it at all; so changed the players, update...

gl704gw Very bad performances on any game

I bought a gl704gw a week ago and downloaded (obviously) some games from steam. I noticed that scp secret laboratory (a poorly optimized but still light horror game) get around 40 fps with maxed settings beside the max blood amount that is the defaul...

GTX 860M not seen on a GL551JM

Hello, I have a GL551JM on which, after many years of daily use, the GTX 860M GPU simply disappeared, meaning it's not visible in Windows 10, not even in BIOS, just like it was never there. However, the Intel own GPU is working. Could it be a hardwar...

Battery not charging while gaming

Whenever i play games it says plugged in ,not charging..... Due to this the game lags... As soon as i quit the game it starts charging again...Methods i already tried:-1. Battery callibration.2. Hard reset3. Updating ACPI driver4. Updating BIOSThe te...

New GL503ge laptop with New problem

Hey Everyone, new rog gamer here. I got new GL503ge RS71i7 8750H8GB ram ddr41TB SSHDnvidia 1050ti 4gb. Good machine but encountering few problems . if anyone could hlp that be great.1) Battery Backup - Way too low, On regular browsing stuff battery g...

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GL704GM Sudden lag spikes

Hi. Since last january, I had bought an Asus GL704GM (i7-850h CPU @ 2.20GHz/GTX 1060 GB) and I never had any performance issues for quite a while. But, just today as I played Sea of Thieves, I noticed that my FPS just completely drops out of nowhere...