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Rog gl502vs-ds71 bios dump?

Hi, I have a bricked laptop and no BIOS to flash to my chip.Does anyone have a full BIOS dump I can use to get my laptop working or will this not work due to specific data being stored on the BIOS?I have a CH341A flash set up but I do not have a corr...

niro750 by Level 7
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Dead HDD connector and Fans

Okay people so today my laptop's internal hard drive stopped working. I was playing Far Cry 5 and all of a sudden the laptop shut down. Upon reboot, the hard drive was missing from Windows Explorer as well as the bios. I connected the hard drive to a...

GL702VI NVIDIA DHC Drivers not available.

Hello everyone,The DHC drivers from NVIDIA are not available for the GL702VI because the hardware id is missing from the driver INF files.Hardware id: DEV_1BE0&SUBSYS_1BD01043Does anyone know if it's Asus or NVIDIA there responsibility to add the har...

THETCR by Level 8
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GL704-GM Big battery problem

First, sorry for my bad english!My laptop have a problem, like you can see in the battery stats, it stop without any warning and the battery will drain to 0 mwh.I tried a battery calibration, worked well for the first time, went to almost 0% before s...

81045 81046

Ram advice GL752VW

Im looking for ram to upgrade my pc GL752VW but i dont know if i could install 8GB + 16GB or only i can 8+8.And which ones are advice and where to buy?thanks

antrabe by Level 7
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GL503VM heavy stuttering issues

Hi, since a few months i'm experiencing heavy stuttering problems while gaming with my GL503VM: the games run smooth for the first 2/3 minutes, then every 10 seconds the fps dramatically drops. I've notice that this happens as GPU temperatures reache...

menche7 by Level 7
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Fan Overboost not working. GL503VS

I have recently reinstalled a clean copy of Windows, and now I have noticed that Fan Overboost isn't working.- ROG Gaming Center is installed.- All the drivers on the product's Drivers & Software page are installed.- ASUS won't help me, apparently th...

waduhek by Level 7
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Battery drainage during shutdown in GL703GE

Hey there all!I just bought my GL703GE laptop few days ago and I have small problem.I downloaded this ASUS application that let's you choose battery charing mode.I've chosen the full economic mode, that stays at 60% all the time because I'm using cha...

Patricko by Level 7
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