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Shift Lock Alt GR key light

Hello,I bought an ASUS G733ZW 5 days ago.I have tested the lighting of the keyboard everything works.Except the ALT GR and Shift lock keys part are unlit. (see picture)Is this normal or is there something wrong with the keyboard?

Kevin54 by Level 7
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A way to toggle the MUX Switch without Armoury Crate?

Hi all,I'm writing you regarding the MUX Switch. Is there any way to toggle it without Armoury Crate? We know the Ultimate GPU mode uses the MUX Switch to give you the best possible latency and performance for competitive games. Thanks

Qzema by Level 7
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gl703ge external Monitor Question

I was wondering if you guys knew how to find out the max resolution you can get on an external monitor on the gl703ge. I look online that the specifications can support up to 4k, but I don't know what the software can be set to. So instead of buying ...

dabigin by Level 7
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ASUS GL702ZC broken fan control fix

A few weeks ago, the problem arose on my GL702ZC that the fans could no longer be regulated. This is a well-known problem and there hasn't been a sensible solution to this other than replacing the mainboard or the GPU. I have dealt with the topic and...

Ryzeeen by Level 7
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GL502VT fan nightmare

Hello everybody,I own a GL502VT model, and what a nightmare, the cooling fan goes crazy many times even though the CPU is below 42 C.No matter the OS, both linux and windows behave the same.Under linux, the operating system I work with, I can't use t...

Venumz by Level 7
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G731GV keyboard stopped working

Hi all,For 2,5 years now I have a ROG Strix G731GV which I mainly use at home for office and Youtube, sometimes I play "7 days to die" but it has noticed me that the game is playing with hitches more and more, I also can't play on highest settings an...

DNT99 by Level 7
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