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Strix G16 2023 Audio Issues

Just picked up this laptop, and while it's been pretty great... I've had one annoying issue. I've noticed any earbud that I've tried on the laptop that has an in-line mic has a horrible electrical interference sound whenever audio is played and rando...

Elite49 by Level 7
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ASUS G733 CX to eliminate any sizzling or boiling sounds proceed as follows. 1.Open CMD and run as administrator this command. and install throttlestop 9.5 and configure it like this.   3. Here’s how to do it in Registry Editor. Open...

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bmhq by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Strix G713RW Keyboard lagging

Hello everyone!I have a problem with my laptop. When the computer is on for a longer time, keyboard starts to lag and stutter. It takes 1-2 seconds for it to start working, and after about 10 secs of not using it problem happens again. When problem h...

Nvidia driver without Vulkan support - Solved

I have a game or two that require Vulkan and the latest Nvidia driver from Asus does not support Vulkan. I thought the few Nvidia drivers that come there are 100% OK. I used a driver from Asus in late winter/early spring to get Vulkan, why isn't it ...

Screen flickers Asus rog Strix G17 2023

Hi, I have a problem with the panel flickering when I open the laptop. I didn't have a problem with it until today until I installed the latest drivers from nvidia and ati. I always had it set so that when I close the laptop it doesn't go into sleep ...

Resolved! Asus ROG Strix G173QM Plugged/Unplugged While Gaming

Hello, Like in the title,  (laptop plugged) my laptop keeps changing power mode while gaming, like if i disconnected the charger physically. very annoying, since screen goes black for a few milliseconds, and the splash (plugged/unplugged) is in the m...