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GL752VW Power button problem

HelloHad problems with my keyboard, so ordered a new one from aliexpress, installed and everything was fine... then i reinstalled windows 10, atk and updated bios... and everything still was fine, until i powered off and went to sleep. In the morning...

shurpet by Level 7
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ASUS Strix Scar II and Windows 10 1903

When I upgraded my laptop to windows 10 1903 it caused the GTX 1070 to run with the power management mode set to "prefer maximum performance" . i have tried multiple drivers and they all get defaulted to 1443MHz. l have tried to set the power mode ba...

The problem with turning on the laptop GL702VMK

Sometimes, after completing work in Windows 10, and the downtime of the laptop without power for more than 5 minutes, a power-on problem occurs. The power button does not work, nothing turns on, holding the button for 20 seconds does not help, but af...

Creater by Level 7
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ROG HERO STRIX II GL504GM Power limit throttling

Playing GPU intensive games like Wolfenstein II/ DOOM, i'm experiencing heavy GPU throttling. Basicly every 30 seconds, the game will randomly spike at 98% GPU usage and throttle from 1900mHZ down to 800mHZ, resulting in a massive framedrop from 100 ...

GL703 really hates using t and h at same time.

Hello. I had purchased a GL703 last april to replace my GL753 which sadly bricked itself. However, today, it has decided to shut down when the T and H keys are pressed at the same time, often out of nowhere. This, of course, is very upsetting, as i n...

ASUS GL702vmk very long start-up time ( 5 - 120 minutes )

Problem: A very long time turning on the laptop and only with the included power adapter.What causes the problem: Windows 10 shuts down and disconnects from the power adapter for 2 minutes or more.When the problem appeared: After reinstalling Windows...

Creater by Level 7
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Notebook Asus ROG GL502VSK Driver Update ?

Hi everyone, I have an Asus ROG GL502VSK (Kaby Lake) and on the asus website I find some dated drivers, some even 2-3 years old.I wanted to know if there is a possibility that the manufacturer will update the drivers or if not, where can I find the u...

RAM upgrade on my new GL531GT-BB51-CB ROG laptop

Hello ! I just bought this laptop from Best Buy and I would like to add more RAM to it. would like to know ...

RolyBoy by Level 7
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curious; normal memory allocation?

Is this typical memory allocation while gaming (windows 10) (Destiny 2)? At peak only half of available physical memory being used?

tap002 by Level 9
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