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GL552VW Sleep mode issue

For some reason my laptop wont turn on from sleep or hibernate mode the powerlight is on but the screen only shows black. And when it does turn on it just restarts the whole computer even when the battery is 100% or the power adapter is plugged in. I...

GL552VW laptop freezes if it goes to sleep?

Heya,I've this issue with my GL552VW. If the computer goes to sleep, it basically freeze. That happens when I close the lid or when it automatically goes to sleep after 15' I do not touch it.The light of both power button and the one on the bottom le...

Dan87 by Level 8
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Fake display overclock (?

Hi, I have a ROG GL502VS-US71 with a 1070. I bought an external 144hz monitor that apparently couldn't use because my ports wouldn't allow it.The monitor only supports HDMI, VGA and DVI while my laptop only has HDMI and Mini displayport. I was stuck ...

GL703G bad screen color calibration (yellowish)

Bought a brand new GL703GS with a AU Optronics AUO B173HAN03.2 display but it looks too "yellowish" for my taste...Already tried to uninstall ROG GameVisual but didn't solve the yellow tint.Solutions? Is it the standard color and how can I create an ...

hexaae by Level 12
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bug asus battery health charging

Hello,i bought a new gl504gm and installed asus battery health charging from the windows storeat first use it worked correctly stopping the charge at 60%then it stopped working and now it charge the battery until 100&

aster94 by Level 8
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Connect a 144hz monitor to a 60hz laptop

Hi, I wonder if it would be a good idea to connect a separate 144hz monitor to my laptop. Would that work as good as I think or is there any cons that I should be aware of?My device is this:

Tomasm96 by Level 7
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GL502VS Shuts down when connected to HDMI (Lid is closed)

When I play games through my external monitor, when the lid is open, I see horizontal refractions on my external monitor. So it bothers me too see them while playing. It's been almost a year since I got this notebook and I never closed the cover beca...

nxygene by Level 7
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Does upgrading your laptop can void the warranty?

So I bought an Asus rog laptop GL503VD a few days ago and i ordered a RAM in different store. after the RAM has arrived i installed it along with the ssd that the laptop store gave me as freebie. I was not able to install the ssd since i cant get the...