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Windows Reset with Rog Scar GL703G Stuck at 31% need help

HiToday i wanted to sell my Asus Rog Scar GL 703G and in Windows i searched for Windows Reset.It asked me i i want to delete all Data on all Drives. I Clicked Yes and it rebootet to the Republic of Gamers Screen and Startet to Format Data but Realy s...

Skidder by Level 7
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Gl 703GE keyboard backlight doesn`t turn off at idle

Hey guys, when my laptop is plugged in, the rgb keyboard backlight never turns off when idling, unlike when it`s on batery (it turns off after a few minutes, just the keyboard lighting, the screen turns off after a few more minutes).Haven`t found a s...

(GL5553) LED Color Won't Change

Hi, I've been trying off and on for weeks to figure out why I can't change the backlight color on my GL553, including downloading two different versions of Aura. The last one claims I just don't have the hardware, even though Amazon and this very web...

Asus GL553VD USB3.0 issues :(

Hi there, i'm here to check if anyone had or is having the same issue as i am with the ROG laptop. Making a long story short, usb 3.0 ports won't recognize usb 3.0 devices. As in:Usb 3.0 ports (2x left): wont work with 3.0 devices but works fine with...

Gl703vm fan problems

I bought the ASUS GL703VM DB74 laptop recently with the GTX 1060 graphics card, and I have undervolted both the CPU and GPU and the fans now run at a bearable speed but my problem is that every 30 seconds or so the fan ramps up reeeeally fast and the...

GL752V crashes on boot

Hey guys,yesterday my GL752V, that I bought about 3 years ago, suddenly stopped working - probably after installing some Win10 update on shut down.The following is happening:When I try to boot it displays the ROG logo, then the spinning dots appear. ...

C_3_P_0 by Level 7
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GL703GS BIOS update 307

Hi. Today came out BIOS update for GL703GS ver 307.I couldn't find any info about it. One thing is finally fixed..... TOUCHPAD !!! No more stuttering etc … works like a dream.Finally ASUS.Now, please FIX INVERSE GHOSTING !!!!!!!

SlainE by Level 7
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