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ROG Strix GL702ZC keyboard issue

When I type the keys are switching up on me in certain webpages like facebook or youtube and other various sites..example:We need a Roman emperor or General to bring their home country'Give me an army Sol Invictus /God cs to their knee's...We need a ...

GL503GE - 7300 RPM on GPU Issue

Hello everyone,Would just like to ask if someone encountered a similar problem.My laptop (GL503GE) suddenly has this GPU fan issue wherein the it reaches 7200 rpm even if I'm not using any software or just using chrome.This issue came about around ea...

ron12 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG STRIX GL503GE EN023T low fps on every games

Hello everyone, I have Question about my ASUS ROG GL503GE. I recently bought ASUS ROG for about two month ago, but i have a problem with playing some games in my laptop.When i play games like The Witcher 3, Forza Horizon and Watch Dog 2, and a...

I'm having game lag in GL553VE

I bought my ROG GL553VE about 1 year ago. It has a i7(7th gen) CPU, 16GB RAM, 4GB GTX 1050Ti GPU. It used tp give a lot smoother performance before. But for last few months, each and every game is lagging. At first my FIFA 19 started to lag. I can't ...

Asus Gaming center program exiting.

Since windows update the asus gaming center is not working.Program exits abruptly after starting.Tried reinstalling software but it happens again after restart.Any solution for this ?

rog strix gls 503 ge - Get asus services

I need to set asus softwears and all drivers again on my asus rog strix gls 503 ge laptop .Because i had to reboot system and reinstall windows due to an error so i lost every services and drivers including rog gaming center,aura core please h...

Cách tính điểm số điện thoại đơn giản nhất

Bạn muốn mua sim số đẹp nhưng không biết sim nào đẹp hơn. Để đánh giá độ đẹp của sim, giới “sành” chơi sim thường dựa trên điểm số điện thoại. Bạn đã biết cách tính điểm số điện thoại chưa. Tham khảo ngay các cách tính điểm số điện thoại sau đây nhé....