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Stop Buying Strix Series Laptops

My original post here.G731GW issue with Power Adapter PIN getting extrem... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 846502 ( my Laptop died after 4 years. I didn't bothered getting it repaired as of no point now.I came back here to post something int...

volors by Level 8
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Changing the lcd panel

Hi guys I have a question and I hope you can help me. I currently have  a strix g16 with the 1920x1200 panel , I’d like to upgrade as I’m out of warranty to a qhd panel and more specifically the mini led panel and was wondering if the lcd cable in my...

Resolved! G18 - Keyboard hotkeys shortcuts stopped working.. again

Asus G18. After BIOS 324 or latest Armoury Crate, the keyboard top hotkeys (volume, profiles, mic, etc.) work for a while but then stop working when either leaving it idle or putting laptop to sleep. I think it's putting laptop to sleep for 8 hours o...

Rammouz by Level 10
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Internet Browser?

Which internet browser(s) do you guys recommend? Has anyone used the Floorp browser yet?

Strix G15 laptop - display colour

Hi, these pictures are not very good but I have an issue with the colours on my laptop. Reds are orange or not displaying vibrantly. I have deleted armour crate and have and adrenalin software set to default. Calibration is standard. I can't figure i...

G713 QR and Wifi 7 M2 update

Hi everyone !I decided to update my M2 WIFI 6 to a M2 WIFI 7 wireless card in my Asus G713QR laptop.As I know Intel BE cards seem to have some incompatibilities with AMD Cpu, I bought a Qualcomm NCM865 wifi 7 m.2.After everything is installed, the PC...

weird pattern on specific programs

 please can anyone tell me what`s wrong ????i noticed this on brave browser first then in vscode. providing a troubleshoot would be nice.

Screenshot (14).png
44ahed by Level 7
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ROG Strix Crashing maybe overheating?

Hi my name is ben, i bought a new laptop, a few months ago. it is a Rog Strix G733PY, i have a RTX 4090 and for the life of me cant find out why its crashing so much. my Lenovo never had problems like this for the 4 years i had it, but when buying so...

Temp and other.png errors.png temp playing games.png

asus rog g15 screen won't turn on

My asus rog g15 g513rm screen won't turn on but the laptop does turn on. I can't get into safe mode, or bios settings or anything. Tried various button combinations, tried connecting an external screen ( external monitor and tv) so I'm stuck. Everyth...

waxon by Level 7
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ROG Strix G16 - Video Playback Issue

I recently purchased an ROG Strix G16 as an upgrade from my previous laptop - model G614JIR with 32GB of RAM, Intel i9 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070. The first laptop had to be returned due to a performance issue, and I was issued a replacement und...