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ROG Strix GL702ZC Future Question?

I am beginning to wonder if the support for the ROG Strix GL702ZC is already dead?I have yet to see any further news regarding product and do not like buying something with empty promises...If the Intel and Nvidia laptops get upgrades then why not AM...

GL553VW Manual GPU switch Feature Request

I am not really sure if this is possible, but I request if people in ASUS could give the end-users an ability to select which GPU to use a primary rendering device. Because NVIDIA Optimus is bad tbh, it's introducing input delay, most likely you'll n...

GL504GS Reading Only 32gb SD Cards

Okay, So I have been through a ton of **** with this laptop, mostly because of it's ridiculous bloatware and unhelpful customer support. I have done a clean install of Windows 10, and have gotten a hold of the eSupport file for this laptop, and that'...

NVidia adaptive sync for SCAR II/ HERO II 144hz panels

Links:Nvidia FreeSync support tested - and it's a game-changerHow to enable "Adaptive-Sync" (Freesync) if you have the latest driver (417.71)If there is a possibility to enable FreeSync to use on our display panels? As they are 144Hz, they should sup...

McCoy by Level 8
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Weird Issues with ROG GL502VM (Mind of it's own)?

Hi All:This is my first post here and I apologize if I'm in the wrong sub-forum. A few days ago my ROG GL502 stopped responding to the internal keyboard so I restarted the system. When it came to the log in screen I could not type my password because...