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Asus GL704GW issues with trackpad

Ok, first off, this is pissing me off so much that i'm about to sell this laptop because 1. Why the **** did i spend 2500$ on...literal plastic? idk and 2. because typing is next to impossible because of said issue.Now to the issue. So every laptop h...

Asus Rog Gl 703Vm keyboard stuck and stop working

Hi guys sins i bought this laptop keyboard has an issue . While i playing games occasionally it stops working sometimes one key stuck and others wont work. Until i restart windows it dosent fix it self. I updated bios form 306 to 311 still it dosent ...

AC power adapter

currently i use to travel a lot and bringing my rog gl504gv laptop together with me. The hard things is the socket plug is different. where can i get universal 230w head socket? in asus website they sell whole set. i just need the head

hedri95 by Level 7
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GL702VS power button not working

We have a GL702VS, that was working perfectly fine until a couple of days ago, when it stopped to turn on, when pressing the power button. I tried all the related solutions I could find online, but none of them worked. At the end I figured it out, th...

FAN SPEED GL504GM (i7 8th gen ,GTX1060)

I bought this laptop few months ago. Couple of weeks ago I noticed that the air which comes out of left side fan is little bit slower than the right side. In overboost mode as well it seems that right side fan is much faster than the left side fan. T...