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Update G733PZ-LL034W

I have a new G733PZ-LL034WI'm still testing it, but looks great. I'm wondering if could be useful update RAM that it's only 16gb (I use it for gaming, but also photo editing and I'd like to edit more video)But I'm a bit confuse. The maximum RAM is 32...

Asus rog strix g16 2023 g614ji key stroke missing

Hello, I own the laptop mentioned in the title. Since the day I bought it, I've been experiencing issues with some keys not registering when I press them while playing games or typing. For example, when I type "google" and press all the keys, it some...

ROG Strix 15 display stopped working

Hey, as the title says, one morning it just died. External display via HDMI keeps working just fine though.I don't have the warranty anymore so I'm thinking of at least trying repairing it myself, but I first need to understand what the problem is:LC...

onder by Level 7
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ROG Strix G614JI random shuts down or reboots on its own.

Hi Anbby_ROG Hello after a long time, still have not sent the laptop for service and continue to agonize with it. #For those who dare - ROG Everything is original and updated to the latest version.As for Windows 10, I haven't tried it because you sca...


I bought  a SCAR 18 2024, and using it without any issues for last two weeks. I checked for driver updates on ASUS website, and wrongly downloaded a KEYBOARDHOTFIX TOOL which was meant for 2023 model. It patched my 2024 model, and my in built keyboar...

arukup by Level 7
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Thoughts on the Asus ROG Strix G15 ?

Looking to buy this gaming laptop that is on sale on Amazon at 1500$ CAD. Is it a good investment? Should I wait? I’m just looking for a good laptop who can run maybe games like Fortnite, Apex, DayZ, Sea of Thieves at maybe 100 fps at 1080p/1440p Max...

hamesb2 by Level 7
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Keyboard backlight brightness cycle customizable hotkey

This post is just to see your opinion about the following: Would anyone like to see Asus add the ability to cycle through keyboard lights like Dell and Lenovo laptops where you click FN + a button to cycle through keyboard backlight brightness from l...

Rammouz by Level 10
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ROG Strix G731GT USB ports no longer working

Hi everyone,I restarted my laptop the other day and when it rebooted, none of the USB ports were working. I've tried every and any USB related troubleshooting I can. If anyone has a suggestion I'm all ears! Here's the important information:- None of ...