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GL553V won't boot, no POST just lights

Need help on my GL553V laptop please.Suddenly won't boot, just showing lights on its keyboardI don't know if its an error code, tried googling it but no avail.Have tried resitting memory on different slot also. did h...

GL502VSK Fan Control ?

Hi allOn the GL502VSK is there anyway of controlling fan speed other than ROG centre? It would be good if I could toggle a certain preset fan speed to a hotkey or mouse button to save opening the ROG centre each time and adjusting the slider. Not sur...

GL503VD laptop is freezing completely

I own an Asus ROG laptop GL305VD(with i7-7700 HQ, nVidia GTX 1050, 8Gb RAM) and I have a big problem with it. Two weeks ago the laptop started to freeze completely when playing games like GTA5, Deceit, Rocket League, it just randomly freeze and the o...

GL502VSK Cooling options

Hi all. I am looking at carrying out some cooling suggestions on my 502VSK. I know there are lots of different threads on this, which I have read but the information and options etc are scattered all over the place so I was just looking to get a summ...

Asus GL553VE fan it's not working properly on auto mode.

My main issue is that my fan is not working while in auto mode. I had the issue a few months ago, but I managed to solve it by updating bios. Now the problem it's back. When I'm on auto mode, the temps are growing crazy to 80 degrees with no app ope...

laurgr by Level 7
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still no fix for the GL504 fan?

So people have been talking about the forum about this for months and why is there still no fix for it? about 4 months after i bought it i started having problems with the fan as it always was on at 7800RPM, even when the GPU is not in use, Asus empl...

ockie by Level 7
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Asus ROG GL553VD Keyboard Lighting problem

Hello!I have a problem with my keyboard lighting problem, the light works only on the power on/off button but the rest of the keyboard notI installed ATK Package - ROG Aura Core, everything is under controlI guess it is a hardware problem, what shoul...

aRonio by Level 7
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Asus gl504 gm fan after the bios update 311

Hi,Back on March ASUS released the bios update 311 for asus gl504 gm laptops and it got automatically updated with windows update. After that i started notice some problem with my left fan and the performance of my laptop. The left fan is not spinnin...

X_EAK_X by Level 7
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GL702VM HDMI Port not working

Hello guys, I need some help, because the HDMI Port on my Asus GL702VM Laptop isn't working!I really tried everything, but my TV (or literally any other monitor, TV, beamer) won't pick up the signal of my laptop.On my laptop the TV pops up, however t...

xueru by Level 7
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